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Rose of Love

Published May 20, 2016 by Joanna

The rosebush in the photos below is called ‘Mother’s Love’. Apart from its delicate merging of white and pink, with a hint of gold in its centre, it also has the most beautiful fragrance, and touches my soul in so many ways.


I experience a lot of synchronicity with this rose. A few very special ones from 2016 so far are that the day after I reconnected with my Twin Flame it put out two buds beside each other, after not having flowered for two months.


Then a couple of weeks later, while I was learning about a soul connection and significance to do with the 7th day of the 7th month, the rose put forth seven blooms. Here you can see them all, with some in bud, some opening, and one full – seven roses showing the complete flowering cycle.


And finally, a few weeks ago while I was deeply contemplating the number 13, in particular the energy of the ‘lost’ 13th sign of the zodiac (Ophiucus) and its connection to the Divine Feminine and the Fruit of Life (see below), this rosebush put forth thirteen blooms…for the first time ever, and I remembered that I have had this rosebush for thirteen years. 🙂

I could not get all the roses in one photo, so here is one of the blooms, photographed each day from bud to full blossoming.






And here is the symbol of the Fruit of Life, in relation to the Flower of Life, with the thirteenth ring in its centre.


13 + 13 – thirteen blooms and thirteen years – equals 26, and 26 has been called the number of the name of God. You may already know that the Rose is one of the many forms in nature (such as the nautilus shell, pine cone and sunflower and daisy centres) whose petals spiral open in the proportions of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence, so it is a carrier and expression of sacred geometry…and the numbers coming through in the blooms of ‘Mother’s Love’ this year are certainly auspicious! 🙂

Come walk with love, in the garden of paradise…which can always be found in your heart. ❤


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