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Visible Dimensions

Published June 2, 2016 by Joanna

Life exists and thrives in many dimensions, including 3D. Dimensions are simply layers of frequencies moving at different speeds, giving opportunities for souls to experience a great variety of creative expression and experiences. Slower moving layers give the impression of a more dense physicality while faster moving layers are utilized to express and create with(in) lighter states of physicality…and ultimately beyond physical form as flows of light (that can still represent in form if a consciousness/being wishes to).

The first photo below shows a ‘shadow being’ of the lower astral (lower frequency bands of the fourth dimension), taken while walking in our local hilly area on May 30th, 2016. At the time, I was walking downhill and had a feeling to look back over my shoulder, and saw a plume of smoke going up from the hillside. The being in the photo appears to be facing toward the fire and gesturing toward it. I’ve had a sense of unquiet spirits in this area of bushland before, but this is the clearest image so far.

Shadow being, photo taken May 30th, 2016.

Shadow being, photo taken May 30th, 2016.

DSC04748 - Copy - Copy - Copy

I called on star family for assistance, who put a golden light grid around the gateway/portal the being was standing in/reaching through, and a ship overhead put out the fire within a few minutes. Thank you dearhearts. ❤

The photo below reveals energies of the fifth dimension, that unveiled while I was again out walking in bushland, about 1 km from my home. As I was walking, the general background energy felt suddenly difference in a particular patch of bush. A wonderful feeling of warmth, peace and softness pervaded that small area, an indication that star family (people/beings from other star systems who are here helping Earth and its lifeforms – including humanity – shift into a more loving, unified collective consciousness) had landed a ship there and/or stood there many times…enough that an imprint of their fifth dimensional frequencies has remained in the land and trees in that spot, which can be seen in the photo below as soft white waves or bands.

Fifth dimensional waves of energy appear as soft, undulating horizontal white bands of mist. Photo April 28th, 2016.

 Fifth dimensional waves of energy appear as soft, undulating horizontal white bands of mist. Photo April 28th, 2016.

Close-up showing the central 'white wave' clearly crossing in front of the tree at right foreground.

Close-up showing the central ‘white wave’ clearly crossing in front of the tree at right foreground, with faces subtly visible for keen ‘face spotters’.

The energy was so soft and beautiful I could have sat there for hours. On the way home, the clouds overhead became very structural, showing the shapes, outlines and edges of cloaked ships.

Cloaked fifth dimensional starships appearing in clouds. Photo April 23rd, 2016.

Cloaked fifth dimensional starships appearing in clouds. Photo April 23rd, 2016.

Here they are, with the contrast enhanced.

DSC03804 - Copy - Copy

Breathe into your heart and relax, dear friends…and enjoy the presence of (y)our galactic family. ❤



Golden Doorway & Golden Hawk

Published May 28, 2016 by Joanna

These photos were taken while walking near my home. On May 15th, 2016, a golden doorway appeared in the clouds, and even though the clouds were moving and changing fast, the doorway held in place.

DSC04257 15-5-16-- - Copy

The next day, May 16th, I went for a longer walk, and a hawk flew above me most of the way, for 2 kilometres, its feathers shining gold where the sunlight caught them.

DSC04401 - Copy

DSC04406 - Copy (2)

Golden hawk flying above me

DSC04409 - Copy - Copy

DSC04410 - Copy - Copy

The hawk flew under a small cloud in which a love-heart formed, while the wispy clouds around it turned a delicate shade of pink and white.

DSC04405 - Copy - Copy

Following this sublime sight, my companion hawk was joined by a magpie. They flew peacefully together above my head as I walked, dancing around each other, in a very unusual way, as magpies will ordinarily try to chase birds of prey away from their territories. But these two showed all distrust transformed in a truly wonderful display of friendship, camaraderie and light-heartedness. The ‘golden love’ is indeed flowing. 🙂

DSC04408 - Copy

DSC04410 - Copy

DSC04414 - Copy (2)

DSC04415 - Copy

DSC04413 - Copy

May all hearts feel the golden light within, and soar free. ❤

DSC04258 SA 15-5-16