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Bandicoot as a Spirit Animal

Published May 22, 2016 by Joanna

During the last few months, my home has been visited by a bandicoot, who I’ve named ‘Mandy’. (Bandicoots are small marsupials, meaning they carry their babies and suckle them in a pouch from birth until they are large and strong enough to gather food for themselves). Mandy appeared firstly only at night, shyly searching for seed leftover in the feed bowls I put out for wild birds. I sat still and quiet in the doorway a few feet from the bowls, and welcomed her, until she grew accustomed to my presence and knew I was friendly, until finally last week she boldly took a piece of apple from my fingers. Mandy is now a daily companion, and I sense she has dug a burrow somewhere nearby in the garden. Today she spent a relaxed and happy hour in the morning sunshine following a wild storm, munching on seeds and grain bread.

DSCF0308 - Copy

The animals we are drawn to, and who are drawn to us (in dreams, visionwork, and 3D life) often reflect specific spirit messages, or we have an innate affinity with their qualities and energies. Bandicoots are burrowers, and so are aligned with the energies of earthing or grounding, with stability and a secure path. This statement about the guidance of bandicoots resonates for me:

Bandicoot teaches us that one of the most successful ways we can understand the ancient earth is by living a quiet existence, especially amongst times of noise and trauma….Sometimes the quietest places are where we find the most nourishment.  (Wildspeak ~ Animal Energies)

This is certainly true for me; that coming to a point – or life stage – of quietness and inner stillness, gentle peace, naturally opens my being and allows in high love, joy, and relationship & communication with/in subtler dimensions of life and light.

With blessings and gratitude to the ‘bandicoot family’, here are a few more photos of Mandy. 🙂 ❤