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Golden Doorway & Golden Hawk

Published May 28, 2016 by Joanna

These photos were taken while walking near my home. On May 15th, 2016, a golden doorway appeared in the clouds, and even though the clouds were moving and changing fast, the doorway held in place.

DSC04257 15-5-16-- - Copy

The next day, May 16th, I went for a longer walk, and a hawk flew above me most of the way, for 2 kilometres, its feathers shining gold where the sunlight caught them.

DSC04401 - Copy

DSC04406 - Copy (2)

Golden hawk flying above me

DSC04409 - Copy - Copy

DSC04410 - Copy - Copy

The hawk flew under a small cloud in which a love-heart formed, while the wispy clouds around it turned a delicate shade of pink and white.

DSC04405 - Copy - Copy

Following this sublime sight, my companion hawk was joined by a magpie. They flew peacefully together above my head as I walked, dancing around each other, in a very unusual way, as magpies will ordinarily try to chase birds of prey away from their territories. But these two showed all distrust transformed in a truly wonderful display of friendship, camaraderie and light-heartedness. The ‘golden love’ is indeed flowing. 🙂

DSC04408 - Copy

DSC04410 - Copy

DSC04414 - Copy (2)

DSC04415 - Copy

DSC04413 - Copy

May all hearts feel the golden light within, and soar free. ❤

DSC04258 SA 15-5-16








Birds of a Feather

Published May 8, 2016 by Joanna

Welcome, and thank you for joining us at Dimensions of Love! We’re going to open with a pair of feathered friends who got into an intent conversation, one speaking ‘Magpie’ and the other speaking ‘Kookaburra’, which was wonderful to witness and listen to. If you open your heart in peace, calm and kindness, all manner of beings from the light-realms can connect with you, and if you pay attention, you may notice the birds and animals around you behaving differently to what is ‘expected’ or ‘normal’ in the 3D world….such as unusual interspecies friendships (including among wild creatures like the ones below), wild animals approaching you fearlessly, or ‘appearing out of nowhere’ at significant moments.

Just feel the vibe with these two beauties. 🙂








Feel free to sing (and laugh) along….

With Love from Joanna, Ashura & Friends ❤