Greetings, and welcome to Dimensions of Love!

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On this site you will find photographs – mostly my own, along with some taken by friends – that demonstrate the presence of consciousness, light, love and spirit, existing beyond the ‘normal’ material world, yet which in truth interact with, and infuse it, wholly.

Life doesn’t begin in material form. It expresses through it, like fingers extended from the heart of Source/God/Prime Creator, in infinite variety. Spirit is a continuum, unbound by space or time, moving through and across many dimensions – bands of frequencies moving at different rates. This includes the third dimension of seemingly solid forms, but is by no means limited to the third. If you’re not used to thinking ‘beyond 3D’, we hope the images on this site will inspire you to open your heart, mind and eyes to the possibility and presence of other dimensions of light and life that have been called the ‘otherworld’, the ‘spirit realms’, the ‘land of faerie’, and that which exists ‘across the veil’. If you are already familiar with higher dimensional streams, may the photos collected here delight, reassure, and bring refreshment to your soul.

Dimensions of Love is a complementary space to the Heart Star site, where there are pages and posts showing photos of orbs, lightships, light beings and other light phenomena from my collection, along with information and messages. Heart Star has a particular focus with my role as a ‘galactic interface’ for our multi-dimensional family from the stars, whereas Dimensions of Love is intended to be very broad-ranging, in showing the interweaving of energies visibly across dimensions. So it will include everything from star family members in their unveiled pure light, to nature spirits in the garden, to the animals and birds here who show signs of the ever-deepening ‘higher dimensional merge with 3D Earth’ in their behaviours, and more.

Enjoy this place of Love, and feel free to visit Heart Star at this link, if it isn’t already known to you.

Love, Light, Grace and Providence be with us all,

Joanna, Ashura & Friends. ❤

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