Visible Dimensions

Life exists and thrives in many dimensions, including 3D. Dimensions are simply layers of frequencies moving at different speeds, giving opportunities for souls to experience a great variety of creative expression. Slower moving layers give the impression of a more dense physicality while faster moving layers are utilized to express and experience lighter states of … More Visible Dimensions

Rose of Love

The rosebush in the photos below is called ‘Mother’s Love’. Apart from its delicate merging of white and pink, with a hint of gold in its centre, it also has the most beautiful fragrance, and touches my soul in so many ways. I experience a lot of synchronicity with this rose. A few very special … More Rose of Love

Birds of a Feather

Welcome, and thank you for joining us at Dimensions of Love! We’re going to open with a pair of feathered friends who got into an intent conversation, one speaking ‘Magpie’ and the other speaking ‘Kookaburra’, which was wonderful to witness and listen to. If you open your heart in peace, calm and kindness, all manner … More Birds of a Feather